Active Membership Points

Earning Points: Three Categories

1. Public Outreach
    - Examples:
    - Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
    - Science Olympiad, Science Night
    - Summer Outreach (Camp Badger, Grandparents University, etc)
2. ANS Service
    - Examples:
    - Help plan or setup an event (games night, Pic-Nuke, etc.)
    - 2014 ANS Student Conference Committee
    - Pizza sale
3. Community Service / Professional Development
    - Examples:
    - Food Pantry, Highway Cleanup, E-hall cleanup
    –WPUI conference, ANL Tour, ANS National meetings, Hacker Within

Benefits of Points: Two Tier System

Tier 1: 1 point per semester
    - Be counted as active member
    - Reduced t-shirt price of $10
Tier 2: 3 points per semester (in at least 2 categories)
    - Invitation to end of year banquet
    - ANS conference travel funding (3 pts. by April 2015)

Submission of Points

Be sure you get credit for your events!

Submit points online after event
        Active Membership Point Submission


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