Welcome to the Atomic Badger, home of the
American Nuclear Society, University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Section.  This website hosts a record of some of our activities, contact information of our officers, and more.  Please, explore and enjoy. 

Meet the elected members of ANS for the 2016 Fall Semester!!

Congratulations to our new elected officers!

President: McKinleigh McCabe
Vice-President: Shaun Aakre
Treasurer: Alex Swenson
Public Information: Jake Quincey
Communications: Rob Haupt
Governors: Ryan Deyoe and Ken Zander

How to become an Active Member

In order to considered an active member of the Madison Student Chapter of the American Nuclear Society, membership dues need to be paid ($10 a semester or $15 for the academic year). These dues can be paid to the treasurer during the semester at any of the general meetings. Once your dues are paid, participation in events that are designated to earn active member points will allow you to receive the benefits of being an active member. These benefits include, but are not limited to: reduced T-shirt costs, reduced cost for social events (sometimes no cost for active members), funding for attending conferences, and the opportunity to win Captain Neutron. 

After participating in an event that earns active member points, remember to submit those points.

Get Connected to ANS

Remember to check out the Calendar to see what's coming up, or else follow UW-Madison ANS and the UW Nuclear Engineering Department on Facebook to stay up to date.

E-mail List and Newsletter

We have recently moved to Google Groups, so if you want to be added to the mailing list subscribe to ANS Announce (UW-Madison).

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